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Developer: Carlos Pascual Adell, Javier Pascual Perea

Place: Madrid

Category: New Technologies, Services

The increasing demand for parking spaces in major cities linked with increased fuel costs and the obstruction of circulation are the reasons that impel us to launch this idea. ParkIn intended as a link between various useful services for users, a computerized system supported by network and mobile application platform that lets you search and reserve a car slot near your position or make a reservation from the desktop  application in your home are some of the services we intend to offer.

The idea came with the double intention of solving on the one hand the demand for parking spaces in major cities and on the other hand provide an opportunity for owners of private places to take some profit from their assets.

In addition we provide to the client related services that help complete the offer of our company as integration with charging systems for electric vehicles, surveillance equipment and associated services like maintenance and cleaning of the vehicle.

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