• Hello world!

    Hello world!

    Dear guest,

    You are very welcome to my personal web page.  In the following paragraphs I´ll try to introduce myself but first of all I would like to apologize because I am not a native speaker so I am sure that I am making lots of mistakes. The reason why I am writing this intro in English is because I want to reach the biggest amount of people.


    My name is Carlos Pascual Adell, I was born and rise in Madrid (Spain) I have been trained in Engineering in Polytechnic School Of Madrid and specialized in Energy. I also have some knowledge of Natural Resources, Materials and Mining.


    I am a very romantic person not only in the love way but also in the conception of live, I am definitely a goal seeker but most of all I will describe myself as an entrepreneur. I really love to create things and that is the main reason why I have develop this page. I want to show you my opinions, projects and mainly everything that pass through my mind. I believe that knowledge is power and I am very open to your comments and opinions and furthermore if we share some interest or ambitions, we can collaborate together for develop the projects that are shown in this page or yours.


    Thanks you very much for your time.


    Best Regards ,


    Carlos Pascual Adell

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